Saturday, January 24, 2009

Puppy Love!

Ziva has been with us for three weeks now, and we have been out and about to more shopping establishments that we usually hit in six months. Ziva's "curriculum" includes lots of visits to stores and downtown so she can get used to all the sights and sounds. The boys (11-year-old Ben, 7-year-old Evan and 4-year-old Marten) have enjoyed the browsing time in the Target toy isle. Marten loves pushing all the buttons on the noisy toys. On our most recent visit, he found a toy dinosaur that growled loudly, chomped its jaws, and flapped its arms - only inches from Ziva's nose. Ziva cocked her head but was otherwise unimpressed.

Three days after Ziva arrived, Maddie (aka "Matilda the Hun") came for a three-week visit while her people went on vacation. Ziva and Maddie were the same size when Maddie arrived, but that is no longer the case! The dogs have had a blast playing and we are a tad bit curious to find out what is going to happen with all Ziva's energy when Maddie leaves.

Ziva is cuddly and loveable and clearly misses the puppy-pile-ups of her past. She can sleep through anything - our homeschool science co-op (photo at left), light-saber battles (Evan received light sabers for his birthday yesterday) and even the doorbell.

Ziva has charmed everyone with her good behavior when she has been out and about working. I'll have to appoint one of the boys as photographer so we can get some working photos. It is so much easier to snap photos while she is sleeping.