Friday, February 27, 2009

Sleeping on the Job

If a guide dog is supposed to be quiet and unobtrusive in public, then Ziva is napping her way to an A+.

Ziva took a trip to the Texas State Capitol where she spent some time on the House Floor (literally!).  We were there to lobby on behalf of midwives who provide very safe and cost-efficient maternity care.  Ziva managed to slip in a few naps.

Price checking at Home Depot can be tedious but the time flies if you can doze.

There is nothing like a good book at the library to put a dog to sleep.

And after all that hard work, a puppy needs to come home and take a nap!

Ziva needed all that sleep so she would be available to help Ben with his science report.

With that teetering tower of library books, Ziva had to stay alert.

Ziva has mastered the art of catching naps when we are out and about, reserving her energy to dash around wildly for more than an hour squeaking her pink and green dinosaur while the boys tried to watch a Star Wars movie.  It's a wonder no one ripped out the squeaker.  They must really love her!

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