Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Big Dog Now

It's been a very long time since Ziva's last blog posting at the end of June. Ziva spent part of the summer living with Megan and attending classes at the university in San Marcos and then moved to the PAWSitive Approach Program at the Travis County Jail. We returned from our travels at the beginning of September and were thrilled to meet a bigger, more mature but just as lovable pup.

Ziva celebrated her first birthday in the middle of October. She patiently endured wearing the birthday hat the boys made for her.

Ziva took her first boat ride at Aquarena Springs. She slept through the first half of the ride. Then she realized there was water! Her ears perked, her muscles tensed, her body practically quivered, but she never made a move. I have to admit that I breathed a big sigh of relief when we got off the boat. What a good dog!

Ziva is a regular attendee at the homeschool science team meetings. She even dressed up for the Halloween party. She went as the element carbon: black as coal, valuable as a diamond.

Recently Ziva and I made a presentation to a local 4-H group. I started the presentation with this happy photo of Ziva because so often people ask me if she ever gets to have fun. (Anyone who follows the photos on this blog might think she only has fun; I just never seem to have my hands free and a camera to get many working photos).

We were lucky to have a very playful guest dog recently. Livie rested up while Ziva was out and about training, and both were ready to rip when we got back home. Doesn't Ziva have nice teeth?

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  1. What a riot!! love the boat shot!!! happy for the update!! I missed seeing her!!