Sunday, June 13, 2010

Moving On

Today Michelle came and picked Ziva up. She is moving on! It seems that over the last week or so EVERYONE has been asking, "How will you be able to give her up? Won't you be sad?" Ziva is a wonderful, smart and sweet girl, and, of course, we will miss having her around. But, it is exciting to imagine who she will be matched with and what she will be doing in the coming years. Ziva did well in her recent evaluation, so we are optimistic that she will succeed in her planned career. I guess it is kind of like sending a child off to college and knowing (or at least being pretty confident) she will get a terrific job she will love.

In the past few months, Ziva's work has become much more consistent. She's even started to get the hang of stopping for overhead obstacles. For a long time I think that she thought I just amused myself by stopping to admire the trees.

Ziva recently enjoyed a rainy afternoon on the porch of the French Legation Museum in Austin. The curator was concerned about letting her into the museum, but she proved to be a model guest.
Ben, Evan and Marten will miss Ziva. They think that she would love to be placed with someone who is around kids a lot.
Marten and Ziva

Evan and Ziva

Ben and Ziva

Be a good girl!

A special thanks to Courtney Havenwood for all the beautiful pictures of Ziva.


  1. She looks so beautiful and grown-up! Time certainly flies. I'm sure she'll do a super job...if you find out any updates on her in advanced training be sure & share with us! :-)

  2. fantastic photos!!! please send them to!! they would be great to have on hand!!

    no get ready fro a thanksgiving puppy!! it will start with an "A" so send some suggestions!

  3. she will be coming into to training after labor day. :)